Pondviews Country Kennels inc.

(518)   794-0406   


Effecitive 7-1-2011 We will only be accepting Cash, check. We will no longer be accepting credit.               


                          RATES: per day


Dogs:                                                 $  15.00

2 Dogs one Run:                               $  25.00

additional dog per run:                    $  10.00                   

Cats:                                                  $    7.00                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Pick up and delivery:                       $  15.00

Each way  for first 20 miles then .50 cents per mile    


  All sales and services are subject to NYS Sales Tax 

 Our prices include: One on one attention, playtime, treats, toys, food, bedding and basic medical needs.

Please be sure of the date's that you reserve.

Often we have to turn others away that could have reserved for the date's you may have taken.

You will be responsible for the date's that you reserve. Even if you check out early

We accept: Cash, check and paypal: If paying by paypal make payment to :wgershep@fairpoint.net